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C.J. Mueller, Speed Skier

Main  >  Sports While on his tri-annual ski coaches course, Lawrence Klein bumped into speed skier C.J. Mueller. I cleared off the wax bench to make way for his “sheath” of 240 cm skis. “How fast? Klein asked. “124.4 mph,” was Mueller’s reply. “Exciting” Mueller ventured, “Ah, its all hurry up and wait; wait for […]


Dr. Jean Louis Etienne

Main  >  Sports In 1986 Dr. Jean Louis Etienne became the first man to ski solo to the north pole. To quote from the Medical Tribune special edition that devoted an entire 36-page edition to his accomplishmen, beside a photo of the GSR/Temp 2X it summarized “….this article describes the role of biofeedback in helping […]


Japanese Olympic Medallists

Main  >  Sports Over half the successful Olympic medallists in Seoul, from JAPAN, were trained on Mind Over Muscle/GSR2, in Japanese! Although the GSR2 was on the cover of SONY Magazine and sold in the giant Seibu-Parco department store it is still the Japanese elite athlete who is the main focus of our Japanese distributor […]


Grand Prix Racing Drivers

Main  >  Sports In 1991, Dr. Dan Marici, head of Sports Psychology at McGill University, also psychologist for the Canadian Olympic downhill ski team, used a dozen Mind Over Muscle/GSR2 with the entire men’s Canadian Olympic Team. Soon after Ed Podivinski won bronze at Lillihammer. Dan was also psychologist for several Grand Prix racing drivers […]


European Academy of Sports Vision

Main  >  Sports Since 1992, Sports Vision, in partnership with Bausch & Lombs, has tested the visual acuity of thousands of Olympic athletes. Sports Vision has 5 centers in Italy and uses Procomp, along with a variety of other techniques, to teach visual acuity. Sports Vision told us that a great Italian ski champion used […]


Sylvain Guillon, Olympic Gold Medallist

Main  >  Sports The 1994 Olympic Nordic Combined Gold Medallist, Sylvain Guillon, practices his jumping with a MyoTrac2, strapped to his back, to measure the EMG timing of his thigh muscles during the 120 meter ski jump. Recording the firing of his quadricep muscles helps him analyze the amplitude and timing of his pushoff, to […]


Peak performance starts in the mind – By Pat Hickey

Main  >  Sports “If there is one point that is being amplified by the Dubin Inquiry, it was the fact that athletes are forever seeking an edge, that something extra that spells the difference between being an also-ran and a medallist.” AUTHOR: Montreal Gazette – Pat Hickey


Men’s Vogue

Main  >  Medical Wired for Victory Can a bunch of electrodes and a computer screen help you swim faster, sink your putts, and swish your free throws? By D.T. Max Read More AUTHOR: Men’s Vogue Magazine Article URL