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Leo Laporte

Main  >  Consumer Leo Laporte is an award-winning technology journalist, best-selling author and broadcaster. For many years, he has hosted television shows such as Call For Help, The Screen Savers and The Lab with Leo. Didier Combatalade’s interview on the Lab with Leo describes using the ProComp 2 encoder with skin conductance and electromyography sensors […]


David Blaine

Main  >  Consumer When magician David Blaine planned to be frozen in a block of ice, he spoke to numerous medical practitioners, and most suggested he use Thought Technology instrumentation. During most of the 62 hours of his “endurance experience”, as Blaine called it, frozen in a six-ton block of ice located in the middle […]



Main  >  Consumer The GSR2 and the Calmpute systems were 2 different devices using the same plastic case with stainless steel electrodes to monitor sympathatic nervous sytem activity. The GSR2 is still sold as a stand-alone GSR device in which a tone rises as stress levels increase. The goal is to learn to decrease the […]


Japanese Yogi and healer M. Kawakami

Main  >  Consumer The Japanese Yogi and healer M. Kawakami sat in a half lotus position in front of the audience while numerous sensors were attached. His skin conductivity, pulse, breathing, hand temperature and EEG were projected onto a screen behind him which the audience could observe. He began with a slow breathing meditation and […]


We’re Not Lying About Galvanic Skin Response

Main  >  Consumer From a comment on last week’s post about a self-made Lego lie detector, we’ve been tipped off about the enormous sales of galvanic skin response and biofeedback devices. While we cover new relaxation techniques and devices, we hadn’t realized how thoroughly galvanic response had moved from lie-detection into self-help. Indeed, we’ve come […]


Father of Stress

Main  >  Consumer In 1980 the “Father of Stress”, Dr. Hans Selye and the International Institute of Stress proposed a series of workshops that included the GSR2. “The IIS and I personally are highly impressed by the design, sophistication and effectiveness of your biofeedback products. We highly endorse their inclusion in any stress management program.” […]


Prevention Magazine

Main  >  Consumer This 3-page article in PREVENTION magazine engendered 10,000 inquiries and several thousands of sales when it appeared in 1984. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably flirted briefly with some sort of meditation or guided-imagery technique in an attempt to give stress the slip. Unfortunately, I always ran into the same problem. […]


Prime Minister: Pierre Trudeau

Main  >  Consumer One of the high points of our correspondence was receiving letters of congratulations from the Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1976 and 1978 on Thought Technology winning awards for design excellence at the International Exhibition of Inventions and New Techniques in Geneva Switzerland.


President: Bill Clinton

Main  >  Consumer The pinnacle of our PR was a letter July 2/1993 from the President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, from THE WHITE HOUSE, thanking us for a gift of the STRESS CONTROL with BIOFEEDBACK program. A friend of ours had treated then Governor Clinton for a hoarse voice, teaching him […]