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When magician David Blaine planned to be frozen in a block of ice, he spoke to numerous medical practitioners, and most suggested he use Thought Technology instrumentation. During most of the 62 hours of his “endurance experience”, as Blaine called it, frozen in a six-ton block of ice located in the middle of Times Square/New York, his physiological parameters were monitored by Thought Technology Ltd’s ProComp+/ Biograph biofeedback instrumentation. This instrumentation monitored his EKG heart rate, respiration and body temperature during his 3 day ordeal. Dr. Hal Myers, president of Thought Technology, was on site to personally ensure Blaine’s vital signs were properly monitored.

On Monday November 27th, 2000 magician David Blaine froze himself in a six ton block of ice for 62 hours in Times Square. On Wednesday November 29 around 10:49 pm ET, he emerged from his arctic tomb.

During this endurance experience, as Blaine calls it, his physiological parameters were monitored by Thought Technology’s biofeedback equipment. The ProComp+ BioGraph was used to record physiological activity; heart rate, temperature, and respiration. Dr Hal Myers, our President, assisted in this experience.