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While on his tri-annual ski coaches course, Lawrence Klein bumped into speed skier C.J. Mueller. I cleared off the wax bench to make way for his “sheath” of 240 cm skis. “How fast? Klein asked. “124.4 mph,” was Mueller’s reply. “Exciting” Mueller ventured, “Ah, its all hurry up and wait; wait for the wind to die down or the course to be repaired, the snow to stop.” “Great time for visualization and biofeedback” said Klein. Mueller had never heard of either. They never ran that race, but Klein gave him a Mind Over Muscle/GSR2 program. On August 1, 1987 Mueller sent the following letter. “Dear Larry, …You first showed me the GSR2 in 1985, and I began to use it at that time. In 1986 I finally broke the 200 km/hr barrier. I also won for the first time in an international event, taking 1st in New Zealand in September. Then in 1987, I won again, this time in Finland. And on April 17th, I became the first skier to break the 210km/h, 130-mph barrier, skiing 212.0 km or 131.74 mph. The GSR2 helped to make this achievement possible. Many, many thanks.”